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Why Longqing Gorge is the First Natural Beauty in Beijing

For tourists who are willing to explore the beautiful natural scenery in Beijing, Longqing Gorge must be the first. Why?

Longqing Gorge
Typical Beauty of Longqing Gorge
In addition, the typical beauty of Longqing Gorge is the second point to be savored. Tourists always compare the unique charming with that in Li River, but the water is much cleaner with soft features. In the rainy days, it will be like a fairy pool full of mists. In the sunlight days, it will be nice place to enjoy leisure boating. With the truly pure beauty surrounded, the beautiful scenery will conquer all your nerves. Many of these rocks and hills have their own names, very interesting and full of poetic. Flower Cave is a very interesting place housing lovely birds and animals. In addition the flowers with various colors and shapes are the big lure to stop your foot. In winter, you could enjoy the ice-waterfall. The water flowing down will be frozen to be ice just like white curtain hanging in the sky, typical spectacular.

Longqing Gorge
Spectacular Longqing Dam
Located at the mouth of Yanqing Old City River, Longqing Gorge is 85 kilometers away from Beijing city. It is famous for the gorge. Tourists always compare it with the Three Gorges. However, the mountains in Longqing Gorge are showing much steeper than those along Yangtze River. Upon entry into this scenic spot, tourists are always impressed by the Longqing Dam. Measuring about seventy meters high, the dam is inset between hills. Standing on the dam, looking to the north side, you will be lured by the picturesque scenery of hills and white clouds reflecting in the deep green water. It is really distinct natural scene you can appreciate in Beijing. Using the elevator is the best way to get on the dam. The most terrific enjoyment is to get down from the dam. Taking the cruise, enjoying the river and mountains, enter into the real nature. Every turn around a hill in the river will give you a big surprise for the new view.
Longqing Gorge is really a nice choice to enjoy Beijing nature during Beijing tour!