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Why Must Visit Tiananmen Square

Beijing is a fun place to explore and there are diverse options for making the most out of your trip to the trip. For those first time visitors to Beijing, the Tiananmen Square is a must-go destination. No trip would be complete without a trip to the square while in Beijing.

Profound History of Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Tower

Tiananmen Square boasts the largest city square in the world. In history, it had witnessed a series of historic events and hosted a great number of ceremonies, assemblies and diplomatic receptions. After the foundation of People's Republic of China, Tiananmen Square have been renovated and enlarged for a few times. Nowadays, it has been pulsing with new blood. It has long been viewed as the emblem of China. The renovated Tiananmen Square has undergone a series of dramatic changes. 500 meters wide, 880 meters long, it covers an area of 440,000 square meters. And about 20 hectares of cement boards were used, with the road coverage of 300,000 square meters. The major road of Tiananmen Square was designed into a fork-like shape path which took 31,200 square meters of marbles. The major road can pass 120 lines of parades and accommodate assembly of 1,000,000 people.

Diverse Option for Sightseeing
The Great Hall of the People

Standing on Tiananmen Square, looking around, you may easily see the front gates Zhengyang Tower and Tiananmen Tower are still standing but are used for different functions. These two buildings have been viewed as the boarders of Tiananmen Square. The Great Hall of the People and National Museum of China stand on both sides of Tiananmen Square, which combines the old and new structures and offers a harmonious landscape to the people. In the middle of the square stand the Monument of Peoples Heroes and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. In the south are two old towers, Zhengyangmen Tower and QianmenJian Tower. The whole square units as one and all the buildings complement with each other. Moreover, the Working Peoples Palace and Zhongshan Park stand on both sides of Tiananmen Square, which combines with Tiananmen Tower to offer the tourists a unique landscape. These buildings were divided into underground parts and aboveground parts, which includes a large number of modern facilities. Through these modern and ancient building groups, we may easily trail the history and culture of this old city.

Overall, the trip to Tiananmen will be fun and an essential Chinese experience!