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Why Peking Opera Is Worth Seeing

Have you ever heard of Peking Opera, the most famous Chinese art? If you have not seen it before, then you definitely should pay a visit to Beijing to see the Peking Opera show during nighttime.

Peking Opera Show

An Art with Profound History
Peking Opera show has long enjoyed a high prestige and a long history in China. On this Beijing night tour, you are free to feast your eyes on the splendid Peking Opera and immerse in its cultural vibes. During the Opera show, if you pay particular attention, you may easily find that there are about four artistic techniques applied in Peking Opera, including singing, dialogue, acting and acrobatic combat. Singing is pretty much self-evident while the dialogue is usually mixed with music. Singing and dialogue combine to make up the song, one of the basic elements concerning Opera show. Acting is kind of like dancing moves and acrobatic combat is a combination of martial arts and acrobatics. Similarly, acting and acrobatic combat make up the dance, another element of Opera show. As for the performers, they all started to learn this art from a very young age. On stage, maybe they only perform for a few minutes but off stage they have practiced for like a thousand times. During their trainings, they will learn all of the techniques and skills concerning the Opera show. Till later times, some of them may be particularly good at singing, some at acting and some at acrobatic combat.

Feature of the Peking Opera
Moreover, I bet the first impression the Opera show leaves you is no other than those amazing facial masks. They are nothing like the common masks that you are pretty familiar with. They are actually painted on the faces by the performers. It is a little bit more like a kind of make-up. During the Opera show, you will see a wide variety of facial masks painted with different colors. Every color reveals the personality, role and fate of the character, like red symbolizing bravery, silver and gold representing myth or supernatural powers and so on. They play a key role in helping the audience to understand the ploy better during the Opera show. It is said that the facial masks derive from the ancient religion and dancing masks.