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Why Peking Man Site is Worth a Visit

We are surrounded by the modern tastes and the deep traditional cultures. There are many mysteries are waiting for unveiling. For the tourists who are holding man curiosities all wanted to explore the primitive life of human ancestors. Then the first-rank place will be the Beijing Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian.

Peking Man Site

Deep Origin of Peking Man Site
Located in the suburb area of Beijing, Zhoukoudian is a natural habitat of human ancestors tracing back to over 700,000 years ago. In this area, multiplied descendents, from year to year formed the famous and spectacular Paleolithic Age. We are all familiar with this period and it indicated the origin of human beings. So, in the tourists, it is regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Just in this charming and the mysterious land, Peking ma left their footprints and lifestyles waiting for the appreciation and research. Now, wandering here for appreciating, you would feel more mysterious about the remains and the sites which gave you a rare opportunity to explore the primitive life of human ancestors. So, Zhoukoudian has become a must-explore place for the tourists.

Wonderful Findings in Zhoukoudian
Just located in a hill, there are eight sites of ancient human remains are discovered. In addition to this, over 26 localities found have been excavated. Most attractive is that over 118 kinds of animal fossils and 100,000 stone wares are unearthed. From these fossils and remains, you could guess the existence of humanoid species 500,000 years ago in Beijing area. Coming to this area, what you should you pay much attention will be the three representatives remains: Peking Man Site, Upper Cave Man Site and the New Cave Man Site. That most attractive will be the Upper Cave Man Site. Here, in addition to the bone needles and animal teeth there also the necklaces used as decorations all attract large crowds. Every time the find would arouse a process of Human civilization. No matter in the study of the origins or the evolution of the human species, these cultural relics are very evaluable. In order to inhabit this process, there is a museum was founded. In this museum, there are more than 3,000 cultural relics exhibited mainly including fossils and other animal bones from apes to human.

With storing so many civilization treasures and footprints, Zhoukoudian will receive more success in the future!