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Why Peking Opera Show List as Traditional Art Culture

For tourists in Beijing, apart from appreciating the world wonders – Great Wall and the representative attractions like Forbidden City, Peking Opera Show also lure a large crowd. Why called it Beijing traditional art? Why appreciate Beijing culture from it?

Peking Opera

Prosperous History of Peking Opera
For local Beijing people, they always regarded the Peking Opera Show as the treasure of Beijing. It is said that it will be regret without sparing enough time to enjoy Peking Opera during Beijing tour. First, it has incomparable history about over 160 years. It created many fists in Chinese dramas including the abundance of repertoires, the number of artists, opera troupes and spectators. It is rented as the quintessence of China. When relating to its history, it would be tracing back to its origin. Earlier in the forming period, it developed from absorbing many other dramatic forms. However, most of them are from the local drama Huiban which is very popular in the south China area. At that time, it has housed certain performing style, soft music, lifelike performance, literature, aria and face-painting. From that time, it experienced developing and standard.

Specific Roles in Beijing Opera Performance
There will be no performance specified and colorful as Peking Opera. It is divided into three main roles and each of them has certain performing style and features. The role of Sheng referred to a common name of male character which is containing the Laosheng and Xiaosheng. However, the performers playing as the roles are not must be the male. Female is also available. Laosheng referred to the middle-aged man with a beard who is always acting as the decency figure. Dan referred to the general name for female. It housed the Zhengdan, Huadan, Laodan and Wudan. The most familiar Qingyi is just referring to the Zhengdan. In the performance, she always plays the part of the strong-minded middle-aged woman. Last main role will be the Jing. It pointed to the male characters with unique appearance.

Typical Facial Painting
In the Peking Opera Show, Lianpu is common style for calling their appearance. Different roles have certain facial-painting. Colors of Lianpu are varied with each representing a characteristic. Each of them is connecting closely.

After these elements, it is no doubt that Peking Opera is called as the treasure of Beijing traditional art!