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Why Prince Gong's Mansion is Worth a Visit

To explore the old Beijing culture and history, Beijing courtyards are ideal choices. However, as the representative Beijing courtyard buildings, Prince Gong's Mansion attracted loads of attention. Why it is so famous among the tourists?

Unbeatable Background
Being constructed in the year of 1777, Prince Gong's Mansion was ever the private residence of Heshen who was a member of the imperial guard with handsome appearance. Just during the Qing Dynasty, Heshen received much attention of Emperor Qianlong. Just in this courtyard, he experienced his glory lifetime. From flourishing time to the downfall, he received high treat and held the high authority. He was promoted one step by step acquire great wealth. It is always said that the property that Heshen housed could not carry by eight horses. Just during the Qianlong reign, he could not curb Heshen's corruption but his successor. Housing profound history and old Beijing rooted-culture, Prince Gong's Mansion is a must-see!

Prince Gong Mansion
Superb Building Construction
Regarded as the largest and best preserved Qing Dynasty princely mansion, Prince Gong's Mansion is taken as fine example of ancient Chinese architecture with cultural connotation. As traditional courtyard mansion of a style, it gets the popular fame in imperial Beijing. Being composed by two parts, living quarters and garden part, each part related complex building ideas. The living quarters stand with three sets of courtyards covering central, eastern and western situation. Pay special attention, you will find many design ideas keep same as that in the Forbidden City. There is a saying that Beijing houses two dragon veins. Forbidden City stood one vein and Prince Gong's Mansion stood the second. You can imagine how luxury building was constructed. In addition, the carvings in the pavilions also adopted certain ideas.

Prince Gong Mansion
Unique Garden
Surrounded by artificial mountains, this garden is named as Jincui Yuan. It always gets very popular for the breathtaking layout and distinct design. With the coverage area of about 28,000 square meters, this garden is composed by 20 scenic spots. Each of them is widely different from another. Roaming in the garden, you can not only taste the royal atmosphere but also the south China landscape feeling. The most impressive is the character 'fu' in the garden. This character carved in the stone of the garden was written by Emperor Qianlong. Tourists, no matter whoever coming here, they will touch for a while.

If you want to taste the royal atmosphere while enjoying traditional courtyard style, Prince Gong's Mansion can offer you much and more!