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Why You Should Put Beijing on Your Travel List to China

As a world renowned historical city, Beijing is filled with some of Chinese top tourist sites and interesting culture. You can easily spend a few days in Beijing without running out of things to see, do and experience!

Long-standing Historical Sights Everywhere
Temple of Heaven

Beijing has the most World Heritage sites in the world, including the first World Geological Park. Beijing has a rich collection of tourist sites, opening up tourist attractions up to more than 200, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Beihai royal garden, royal garden, the Summer Palace and the Badaling Great Wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall and Old Summer Palace, as well as the fourth largest courtyard Prince Gong Mansion and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty.

Diverse and Active Cultural Life
Forbidden City

Beijing's cultural life rich and colorful, various types of performances, international exhibition Goods are available in all varieties. Beijing Opera is known as the "quintessence" Chinese, has two hundred years of history, the gorgeous costumes, beautiful singing, facial masks, really impressive. The famous Chinese National Grand Theater, Changan Grand Theatre, Huguang guild hall, the Lao She Teahouse, China Peking Opera, Mei Lanfang theatre, poly theatre offering the traditional opera. Houhai, Nanluogu Lane, Sanlitun bar street are a good bet for night out. Beijing planetarium opened in September 29, 1957, facilities including astronomical phenomena hall, hall, exhibition hall, lecture hall, observatory.

Eclectic Collection of Folk Crafts and Specialties
Beijing is one of the four ancient capitals of China. There are a lot of local characteristics of folk customs: Beijing snacks, Peking Opera, Jingyundagu, crosstalk, drama, iron clapper, cloisonné, ivory, monkeys, lacquer, cricket and katydid cage match, sugar figurine, flour figurine and so on.

Top Shopping Experience in the World
Beijing was selected as one of the 15 largest shopping area in the world, with hundreds of large and medium-sized shopping malls. Wangfujing street, Qianmen Dashilan, Xidan commercial street is the traditional business district of Beijing; China World Trade Center City, Oriental Plaza, Zhongguancun Plaza is a commercial giant emerging in recent years. Liulichang or Panjiayuan Antique City has all kinds of antique. Xiushui Street and Yashow clothing wholesale market sells of various types of clothing. Cloisonne, jade, silk embroidery has a long history; the folk handicrafts, such as clay figurine, Peking Opera mask, kite, paper cutting, high quality and inexpensive, can be shopped as a gift for friends and relatives.

All in all, Beijing is worth exploring while visiting China!