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Why Put Peking Opera Show on Your Travel List

Hailed as an icon of Chinese culture, Peking Opera is worth exploring while visiting Beijing. To go out at night to watch Peking Opera show will be fun and an essential Chinese experience.

Overview of Peking Opera
Peking Opera Show

Peking Opera as a stage art involves various art forms including literature, performance, music, singing, drums, makeup and other aspects, through long-term practice by numerous artists. Peking Opera has become a metrical and standardized art form in China. Its art forms are very rich, but the usage is very strict. If performers cannot handle these programs, they are unable to complete the opera stage art. At the beginning of the opera, it was first introduced into the palace, with the growth mixed with different local operas. It shows the life scenes performed by characters, the integrity of its technology also requires more strict requirements on its creation, aesthetic stage image is also very important. Of course, at the same time, to make the local flavor of the folk weak, simple and straightforward style is relatively strong. Therefore, the performing art tends to focus on the combination of the technique and facial expression, to achieve a new form of stage art. Performance focuses on a series of details in the play including the melodious euphemism requirements and more.

Top Theater to Watch Peking Opera Show
Peking Opera Show in Liyuan Theater

Liyuan Theatre is jointly operated by Beijing Qianmen Hotel and Beijing Peking Opera Theater as the first art hall in Beijing. Performing in a top-notch performance hall, Peking Opera Troupe enjoys high reputation in the world. The show is on every night, always with a long lineup and featuring diverse opera repertoire. The audience can also enjoy snacks and Chinese tea while enjoying the artists performing the show. In the exhibition hall, the audience can browse through China opera history, the famous Peking Opera artist pictures; buy Peking opera costumes, masks, instruments or calligraphy and painting, audio and video products. The theatre stage decoration features an antique flavor. The wall of the audience hall hangs a huge facial mask, in the back standing a huge screen with Peking opera characters painted it; in the front are some antique tables and armchairs, very simple and elegant, giving a strong atmosphere.

Overall, you will enjoy an essential Peking experience with the opera show!