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Why You Should Rent a Car for Your Visit to Mutianyu

A prestigious historic city, Beijing offers diverse options for great shopping, fantastic sightseeing, hiking and more. For those who want to get away from the city noises and to explore the wall at Mutianyu, it is best to rent a car. Here are some reasons why you should rent a car in Beijing for your trip to the wall.

Great Wall Car Rental

Reason 1: Pros of Rent a Car for Trip to Mutianyu
If you made up your mind going on a Mutianyu Great Wall trip, to rent a car for your trip will prove you made the best decision at the end of the day trip. I guarantee you that this trip will cost you less and offers more than you expected. There is a wide variety of car rental options available for you. And I bet you will find a car rental option that is just for you and your family. If the price is the biggest concern on the tour, then you can find the cheapest one; and if the car is the top priority, you will definitely find your favorite brand from thousands of cars. After the car rental is done, the driver will drive you to the famous Mutianyu Great Wall and enjoy a good time with your friends or families. On your Mutianyu tour, you can climb up the Great Wall and take some pictures or just enjoy those amazing landscapes around this area. Moreover, this part of the Great Wall is not as crowded as other parts of the Great Wall, so you definitely can enjoy the trek to its fullest up there.

Reason 2: A Safer and Quicker Way to Experience Beijing
After this Great Wall tour, the car driver will take you back to your hotel. And if you still got some energy left, then you can have the driver take you downtown Beijing to enjoy some night shows, like Chinese Kung Fu show, Opera show and acrobatic show and so on. Alternatively, you can ask the driver to drive to Hou Hai Bar Street and have a drink with your friends or enjoy its unique vibes. With the help of the car, you can enjoy loads of fun whenever you feel like it. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the car damage, it is already been covered by the insurance concerning the car rental. With an excellent car and driver you will enjoy a safer and more pleasant journey on your trip to Beijing.

Overall, to rent a car for your wall experience will be more fun and enjoyable!