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Why Sanlitun Bar Street Gets so Popular

In modern days, for entertaining and fully relaxed, Sanlitun Bar Street has become a very popular attraction among the young tourists in Beijing. Why it is so popular?

Beijing Sanlitun

Nightlife Center
Yes, Sanlitun Bar Street has been regarded as the symbol of Beijing nightlife and the city's first bar community. It leads the bar culture and fashion of Beijing. It is truly an amazing land for the nightlife. Once the night falls, this area will be full of young people. For getting rid of the noisy life enjoying fully relaxed, they all come to Sanlitun Bar Street. Measuring 260 meters long, the bar street covers a large scale area about 1648 square meters. More than 60 percent of Beijing's bars are located here. After the week's busy working, tourists always come here to speak out their inner heats. What is more, during the period, tourists can make new friends enriching life experience.

Shopping in Sanlitun Bar Street
Attracting so many tourists, in addition to the marvelous bar street, Sanlitun is also a dazzling shopping street. Shopping here is quite different and enjoyable. The stores are distributed along inter-connected paths in the southern area. The layout, without fixed route, makes shopping a discovery tour. Tourists will be amazed by the world famous brand flagship stores, such as Adidas, Uniqlo and Puma, etc. With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more luxury stores ranging from creative luxury shops to forefront designer brands opened here. Just roaming in this live world, there is always one kind suitable for you.

Food and Art
Last reason will be the food and art in Sanlitun Bar Street. There are many restaurants with different cuisines ranging from innovative Chinese to American and from traditional Vietnamese to authentic Spanish Tapas. The food is consistent with the high-end brand surroundings. Art here is integrated into the detail of life. These arts are not just hanging on the wall but also appearing in the streets. What the most impressive there are many sculptures of the famous artists located in the street. Wandering in this street, tourists can enjoy the performances such as magic and comedy. No matter which entertaining part, they can satisfy your desire of seeking happiness and fully relaxed!

If you want to find a world belonging you in Beijing, come to Sanlitun Bar Street!