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Why Stop by Silk Market

Beijing is an interesting city to do some sightseeing. But there is more to it than just a city filled with a bunch of historic sites. There are many interesting streets worth exploring. Silk Market is one of the most popular destinations in Beijing famous as a favorite haunt of the foreign visitors to China.

Beijing Silk Market

Reason 1: Long history and key role in Beijing
Silk Market is located in the extension line of Changan Avenue, adjacent to the international CBD District. With prominent location and convenient traffic, it is the international tourism shopping market enjoying a high prestige in the world together with the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Silk Market is the earliest free market and the most famous commercial brand which has a history of nearly thirty years. Until March 19th, 2005, the new Silk Market made its debut and opened a new chapter in the history. Since opening, Silk Market has won the favor of guests from all countries. It offers a wide variety of goods such as: fine clothing, silk, porcelain, tea, pearl, crafts and includes Quanjude Roast Duck, praised by consumers around the world. Over the years, plenty of political figures from across the world and their wives and international sports stars frequently patronize Silk Market, giving it unique status as the Chinese first foreign market.

Reason 2: New outlook of Silk Market
Silk Market hardware facilities are perfect for shopping. The subway entrance is close to the building, peripheral bus lines lead to all directions and the square can house dozens of travel coaches, three-floor underground provides ample parking. There are many highly intelligent commercial facilities - fire control center to nip the fire in the bud; security monitoring center 24 hours to monitor the whole building. Broadcast background music system ensures immediate communication between managers, consumers and businessmen; the signal system of mobile phone ensures the unlimited information transmission. Digital network system ensures the business operate at any time to smooth the management of the market. Central air conditioning, warm in winter and cool in summer; indoor lighting has been scientifically tested and can guarantee that the commodity gives the best display effect. 14 escalators, from underground to the very top, 2 straight ladders, 2 goods ladders, 5 car ladders ensure smooth flow of people and vehicles.

Overall, Silk Market is well worth exploring just like the Great Wall and Forbidden City while visiting Beijing.