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Why Visit Beijing Great Wall in Late Spring

As the representative of Beijing, Beijing Great Wall buildings have marked everyone with elegant appearance, mysterious building history and cultural connotation. However, in order to make your summer holiday more terrific and fantastic, late spring season will be an ideal choice. Why choose this period as the ideal time exploring? Let us have a deep research!

Mutianyu Great Wall Showed Unique Charming in Late Spring
Mutianyu Great Wall

As the most elegant and charming, as well as the best preserved section, Mutianyu Great Wall will impress your holiday with awesome sceneries. Especially in the late spring, all the flowers and plants surrounded will reach the utmost blossoming. Weather during that period would be neither too hot nor too cold. Adding it is the section housing less crowded, so utmost relaxed holiday will be starting here without doubt. First built in the North Qi Dynasty, Mutianyu Great Wall could convey all the ancient tastes to you. For those who are interested I Chinese history, this section will be an ideal place for memorizing. Being equipped with the advanced entertainment facilities, national first class - cable car, a sled named Speed will give you an opportunity to experience thrills by taking you swoop down from the high mountains. What the most impressive will be the China Stone City which would bring you all various colorful stones to your happy journey. Sitting on the top, appreciating the charming scenery, tasting unique cultural connotation, Mutianyu Great Wall is the first!

Jinshanling Great Wall Cultivate Sentiment and Mood in Late Spring
Jinshanling Great Wall

If you say, what the wildest section is, Jinshanling Great Wall will be the most qualified section undertaking the high fame. Located far distance from Beijing center, Jinshanling Great Wall conquered all the tourists with wild appearance and unique local culture. Lying in the elegant Jinshan Mountains, Jinshanling Great Wall is an ideal place to research Chinese ancient mysteries and past history. When the late spring is coming, all the areas will be scattered with green grasses and wild flowers. What the most important is in the late spring, tourists could have an exciting camp holiday. It is the only one section to have camp. When the night falls, staying in the wall building, you could enjoy special atmosphere of night Great Wall. 

Late spring is awesome period when all the lives offer their blossoming and vigorous appearance to entertain your holiday life!