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Wonderful-designed Badaling Great Wall Hiking Tour

Experiencing Badaling Great Wall is my original idea, because the four years I stayed in China, I did not have enough time to freely challenging. This year, I will graduate from the university. In order to memorize the four years happy time, our dormitory members booked this private tour as last feast.

Badaling Great Wall

We all felt very exciting and went to the pointed hotel waiting for our tour guide. Weather on that day showed hotter than our expecting. We took off some thick clothes. Wow, tour guide is a lovely girl and we talked highly. We five girls got on the bus, Badaling Great Wall journey started. Tour guide is very informative about Chinese history, especially the ancient historical heritages. Soon, we became the best friends. After arriving at Badaling Great Wall, I felt very exciting. My friends all liked this kind of atmosphere very much. Trees here are blossoming with many sprouting wild grasses and flowers. Tourists are not so crowded than tour guide said. One of my friends and I, we two first stepped on the Great Wall building. Wow, how fresh and charming sceneries on this building. I was very interested in the air and environment here very much. My friend took out her camera giving the most beautiful view to the sceneries here.

After some minutes, they two kept up with us and we talked and communicated. To our surprised, any of us did not have any tiredness. Tourists coming here are mostly foreigners. We are all doing our best to conquer this elegant section. Look! My friend shouted, this is right the watchtower! I widened my vision getting close to the historical watch tower, delicate and grand. Through the window, the landscapes far distance brought me much wonders, green mountains covered by large scale green grasses, little flowers all covering all the area, presenting more lovely and fresh. In some of the wild bricks, I could see some wild grasses still growing vigorously. Yes, it is just same as this Badaling Great Wall, strong will! We got a short rest on the corner and went on hiking. With higher we climbed, more sweat we sending out. So hot and heavy laborious work! After 1 hour, we arrived at the top and have a fully relaxed! Bird viewing scenery is so charming and beautiful that I was reluctant to leave.

The comfortable Spa relieved all the tiredness of us, perfect designed itineraries, I liked it very much!