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Wonderful Trip in Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall is truly an amazing section bringing me too many surprises! Booking this tour is the suggestion of my father. We were picked up from the hotel and transfer to Mutianyu Great Wall. On the whole journey to Mutianyu Great Wall, we listened to the explanation told by tour guide and imagined. First time getting close to this world wonder, I really felt exciting and nervous. Beijing suburb area is very charming full of fresh air, extremely tranquil and nice.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Once arriving at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall, the large scale luxuriant trees impressed me deeply. Tourists here are less than I expected. The tranquil environment created a very nice environment for us. After bringing out the luggage and preparation, we started our climbing journey. My father climbed faster, but I wanted to carefully enjoy the charming sceneries. Tourists here praised and communicated about the background, history and culture. After climbing on the ground, we saw the magnificent watchtower established on. All the wall and ground are almost best preserved with vigorous spirit.

We came to the legendary watchtower, touching and appreciating around. It is typically different from the watchtower we saw in the book. I thought it belongs to the 'underground watchtower' with unique steps. Tourists getting here are crowded all lured by the typical design. Tour guide is very considerate giving us detail information about this creation. We are all satisfactory about this military design. In Chinese ancient times, it plays a very important role in the war period. In addition, we saw the cannon model located beside which attracted many children. I am very interested in it. It is not too long but is lifelike. Sitting alongside, we enjoyed a relaxed while appreciating the early autumn sceneries. Under the mild sunlight, everything here is just in the picture.

Summer Palace

Second attraction - Summer Palace left me a deep impression. It is a large scale crystal royal garden housing many delicate palaces, halls and small gardens, etc. Walking inside, different kind of royal atmosphere influenced my spirits and body. I liked the environment very much, unique tranquil and charming. In addition, the Kunming Lake is my favorite section with dazzling water and breathtaking sceneries surrounded.

There is no hidden charge and forced shopping on the whole journey!