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World Wonders Exploration

I do not know why I house so many interests in Chinese ancient times and rooted culture. My father ever told me that if I want to have a deep understanding about Chinese ancient culture, Great Wall will be the must-see. So, last week, I booked the 2 days Great Wall tour, really exciting and memorable. With my girlfriend, we enjoyed two days on Great Wall and learnt a lot!

Mutianyu Great Wall

First attraction is Mutianyu Great Wall. On the way to the destination, my girl friend and I, we imagined and thought its appearance. First time hiking Chinese Great Wall, really exciting. One arrived at this Mutianyu, we were all influenced by the green area. Yes, this Great Wall is decorated with large scale forests. We cannot see the Great Wall building clearly but impressed by the tranquil environment and charming sceneries. It is the early autumn period that all the plants still reach the utmost vigorous appearance. The building construction of Mutianyu Great Wall is complex than the book said. The watchtowers are designed very complex. We should walk down to enter. The darkness space led us walk into ancient times, really. Only the place that the window decorated is bright. From the delicate watchtower, appreciated the outside, surprisingly, the whole sceneries poured into my vision.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Compared to Mutianyu, Jinshanling Great Wall showed much more sophisticated. I liked it very much. It was completely keeping the original appearance without any decoration. Almost all the sections are ruined down. From the bricks, we can read the history prints. We start our hiking from the east section. Tourists here are less than Mutiany. We packed the bag hiking for the west direction. Road is very easy to pass through. Sometimes we just sited on the earth to appreciate the sceneries surrounded. There was no disturbing. All my minds were vacant. At that time, I really want the time stopped. Getting close to the west section, we arrived at the Gubeikou Great Wall. It showed us another typical appearance. Once walked further, the steps became steep and dangerous. We helped each other, counted the watchtowers we have passed through. Proud feeling started to dance in our heart.

Now, when I see the pictures I took in the Great Wall, all my minds all run to China. It will be the most important lesson that I learnt in China world wonders!