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Yunmengxia - Top Summer Retreat in Beijing

Summer is also best to visit Beijing with plenty of top summer retreat to escape the heat and humidity in the city. You can easily spend a fun vacation in Beijing with an excursion outside Beijing. Here is one of the top destinations not to miss - Yunmengxia!

Beijing Yunmengxia Scenic Area

Overview of Yunmengxia Scenic Area
The whole scenic area centers around the canyon which twists and turns from Northwest to southeast. Deep into the hinterland of Yunmeng Mountain, those peaks and rocks, clear lakes, waterfalls, forests, flowers and other scenic spots are all well worth exploring. Here mountains are towering tall and straight, gully very deep, peak stone shaped like people or animals, pool and waterfall shining like a mirror. Yunmengxia Scenic Area is located on the west side of the Miyun Reservoir, east of Yunmeng Mountain, about 90 kilometers away from Beijing Dongzhimen, easily accessed. Everywhere you go, all makes for a feast for the eyes. In spring come to the gorge to see the brilliant view with peach and apricot flowers all over the place; in summer the gorge is cool and offers pleasant experience; in the fall here is sprawling with fall leaves; in winter covered by snow like crystal with dazzling icefall.

Feature of Yunmengxia Scenic Area
On both sides of the mountain, dangerous rocks and cliffs can be seen everywhere. You can also enjoy clean water, fish, or enjoy rock climbing. The Watergate scenic spot can also swim in the water stream and explore Bitan, Luo Tuofeng wonders. In summer, it is a great place to get away from the city noise and fast pace of the city. The extraordinary sights look like being done by the spirits of nature, just like a breathtaking beauty of fairyland. Climbing up the highest mountain here, overview of Miyun Reservoir scenery is within your sight. It is a good place to return to nature and very rare a summer retreat in Beijing. Yunmengxia Scenic Area shows the endless charm of nature. Here is best destination for many outdoor enthusiasts. Across the valley, rock climbing, ice climbing, camping, picnic, barbecue are all fun stuff to do.

Overall, Yunmengxia is well worth a visit while traveling to Beijing in summer!