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Azure Clouds Temple

Buddhas in Biyun TempleSituated in the eastern part of the Xishan (Western Hills), the garden-like Biyunsi (Azure Clouds Temple) was first built in the early 14th century during the Yuan Dynasty and named Biyun'an (Nunnery of the Azure Clouds)initially. Biyunsi was later taken reconstruction during the Ming and Qing dynasties, which brought the temple the current layout.

Azure Clouds Temple

Covering an area of 40, 000 square meters, Biyunsi (Azure Clouds Temple) was built along the mountain slope in symmetrical arrangement. Its principal buildings including Tianwangdian (Hall of Heavenly Kings), Shijiadian (Sakyamuni's Hall), Pusadian (Hall of Budhisattvas), Houdian (Rear Hall) and Jingangbaozuota (Vajra Throne Pagoda), are all sitting on the central axis line, among which Shijiadian is the main hall of the temple complex. The Ming building, 5-bayed and square-hip-roofed, has a coffered ceiling. Its center is a curled up dragon covered with gold leaf. Enshrined in the hall is the seated statue of Sakyamuni flanked by his twp disciples: Ananda and Kasyapa, and two Bodhisattvas: Manjusri and Samantabhadra. A series of clay figurines stand against the walls of the hall, which tell the story of Xuanzang on a pilgrimage to the west in search of Buddhist sutras.

Famous buildings inside Biyunsi

Other famous buildings inside Biyunsi (Azure Clouds Temple) are Houdian, Vajra Throne Pagoda and Luohantang (Arhats Hall). Houdian is now served as the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall because his coffin was once placed here. The magnificent Vajra Throne Pagoda is the highest building in the temple. This unique-styled pagoda, 34 meters in height, was built entirely of white marble. On the platform stand two dagobas and five 13-storied multi-eaved stupas. The whole body of the structure is fully engraved with relief sculptures of immortals, Buddha's warrior attendants, lions, clouds and other patterns. The Luohantang located on the west side of the temple houses 500 gilded wooden images of arhat, 7 Buddha statues and a Buddha called Jigong squatting on the beam of the house. Each of these fine life-sized images of Qing Dynasty woodcarving has its own individual pose, personalities and facial expressions.


Azure Clouds Temple Tour

The flowing springs, rocks, buildings, pines and cypress trees in the Biyunsi demonstrate a charming scenery of south of the Yangtze, making the temple ideal for relaxation and meditation. So Azure Clouds Temple Tour has become more and more popular.