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Beijing ancient Architecture Museum

the inner view of Beijing ancient Architecture MuseumInterested about ancient architecture of Beijing or China at past? Then a visit to Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum could be very ideal choice.

Overview about Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum
The museum is situated inside Xiannong Temple or called the Altar of the God of Agriculture which was the site of solemn imperial ceremonies and sacrificial offerings during the Ming (CE 1368-1644) and Qing (CE 1644-1911) Dynasties. Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum was formally opened in September 1991 and displayed the development about Chinese ancient architecture techniques history down through the ages.

Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is the only museum in China which displays China architectural tradition in comprehensive through photos, real objects and models. It is a specialized museum which has main purposes for collecting, protecting, researching as well as showcasing the history, culture and techniques of ancient architectures.

The Exhibition
Inside Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum, people will see lots of collection and architecture buildings including some models of Chinese ancient palaces as well as the residents of common citizens, Beijing old city model, various architectures of Beijing in the past, Temple of Heaven Qinian Palace Model (smaller in proportion with the real one), etc. Make a visit to the museum, visitors could strolling around the outdoor exhibits to see a section of the Summer Palace and indoor exhibition to get specific details on ancient construction techniques, materials and various styles of architecture.

Be sure to rent an audio guide if you cannot read Chinese to know better about the details and descriptions. Have 1 till 2 hours visit strolling around the museum, find interesting models of ancient Chinese architecture from ancient huts and mud homes to Ming and Qing Dynasty palaces. You will never regret it after that.

How to Get Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum
By Bus:
Take the bus no. 803 from just south of Wangfujing or Qian Men metro stops to Tian Qiao Shangchang (from bus stop, take 1st right into Nan Wei Lu and walk 5 minutes; look for an archway down a street on the left).
Address: Dong Jing Road NO. 21, Xuanwu District, Beijing
Opening Hours: 9am-4pm
Admission: 15RMB

Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum Tour
Make a visit to Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum is a perfect deal for design and building enthusiasts, or anyone interested in Chinese history. During their Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum Tour, visitors could get a deep understanding about ancient architecture and its development.