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Chaoyang Park

Century Fountain Square in Changyang ParkOf all the 135 parks in Beijing, Chaoyang Park, the largest park ever built in Beijing, is seeking overseas co-operation in an effort to construct new recreation facilities. Chaoyang Park has built five major projects on an area of 60, 000 square meters at a cost of US$1 00 million. The projects include a water park, a movie theatre complex, an amusement park and a beach resort. Chaoyang Park, which covers 320 hectares (790.72 acres), including 67 hectares (165.6 acres) of water space, near the embassy quarters projects in eastern Beijing, opened on September 29, 1999, as one of 67 key projects marking the 50th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. The size of Chaoyang Park is approximately 20 hectares(49-42 acres)larger than the world-famous Summer Palace, the imperial garden built on the western outskirts of Beijing during the Qing Dynasty.


Chaoyang Park Tour

As a national AAAA level scenic spot, Chaoyang park has become a top attraction in Beijing. So during your Beijing tour, you should not miss Chaoyang Park.