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Dongsi Mosque

There are so many Beijing tour routes provide to the tourists from all over the world, among which Beijing Muslim Tour is fresh and new. Islam introduced to the Beijing area in the 10th century. Dongsi Mosque is one of the famous mosques in Beijing. Dongsi Mosque is also called Faming Temple, which is located at Dongsi Nouth Street. It is saying that it was built in 6th year of Yuan Dynasty(1356), repaired in 12th year of Zhengtong reign of Ming Dynasty (1447) and reconstruction in 1920. Dongsi Mosque sits in west and faces the east, including three gates. Covering an area of ten thousand square meters, it reflects typical Ming dynasty architectural features.

It main consists of main hall, north and south lecture hall and water house. The main hall is located in west of mosque. It covers an area of five hundred square meters and can accommodate 500 people at the same time to worship. North and South auditorium have to save the Ming Dynasty architectural style of five wind-and three allocated units, all with front porch. South side hall of the information in the room, there are various versions of 'Koran', among which the most precious is a wonderful handwriting of the Yuan Dynasty, beautifully written, well-preserved, as well as books donated by the King of Egypt and other treasures. And now the Dongsi Mosque is the headquarters of the Islamic Association of Beijing.

If you are an Islamic, then you should not miss the chance to have the Beijing Muslim Tour to Dongsi Mosque, which will leave you the unique and impressive memory.