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Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Great Wall coverd with treesHuanghuacheng Great Wall is the best bet for anyone wanting to go off the beaten track and put their feet on the real unspoilt Great Wall. Of course the views are not as impressive as at Simatai or Mutianyu, but do not diminish the surroundings of a magnificent walk along the greatest man-made structure ever built. The other advantage of Huanghuacheng Great Wall is that it permits several walks to be done, depending on what you want and your level of fitness. Finally, it's also the starting point to the most well-known sections of the Wall: from Huanghuacheng Great Wall, you can reach Badaling towards the west in seven days by foot, and then Mutianyu to the east in about four days.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

The wall of Huanghuacheng Great Wall goes from east to west from one part of the village to the other. You can make a complete loop, or cut the route into two by choosing one side or the other. To make a complete loop north of Huanghuacheng Village, count on 4 to 5 hours' walking. Leaving the Village, pass under the sign "Tiange Pick Paradise", a little further on from Sanjia Warehouse, and follow the main A side view of Huanghuacheng Great Wallpath, which runs along a cemetery then a canal, as far as the somewhat chinglish signboard forbidding access to the Wall. The first few hundred meters have been restored, but afterwards the Wall is in its original state. Follow the Wall towards the west. You'll reach the first lake, almost halfway along the route, where some stalls offering you the chance to buy something to eat. The climb down to the lake and the climb back up the other side are subject to an entry fee, but there is no gate to stop you from entering if you get there early. The tarmac road reaches the lake and cuts the Wall into two; it takes you directly towards Huanghuacheng if you decide to cut the walk into two.

Continuing towards the west of Huanghuacheng Great Wall, the second part of the walk is more difficult. The Wall is in a bad state, often blocked by prickly bushes, and the watchtowers often have to be bypassed or climbed. The climb down to the second Jake is almost impossible by following the line of the Wall and in order to finish you have to take the narrow paths along the sides of the hills. Follow the main road towards Huanghuacheng via Zhuangdaokou Village.


Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tour

Flowers blooming in three seasons, with birds singing, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is the ideal place for traveling all the year round. During the tour to Huanghuacheng Great Wall tourists will feel closer to the nature.