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Huashi Mosque

It is said that Islam introduced to the Beijing area in the 10th century. During Muslim tour, Huashi Mosque is a good destination. Huanshi Mosque is one of the famous mosques in Beijing, located in the south of West Huanshi Street in Choangwen District, Beijing. It is an ancient mosque with beautiful constructions and it is the district-level protection unit of Chongwen District. Built in Yongle of Ming Dynasty (1415) and underwent several repairs and expansions, it has five hundred years history and it is the oldest mosque in Beijing.

The existed building is Qing Dynasty architecture. The construction area is 1303.1 square meters, the whole area of mosque is nearly 2000 square meters. The religious service hall is the largest architecture in the mosque. It sits in west and faces to east with totally more than 500 square meters. On the fourth floor, there is the hexagonal pavilion style scuttle. There is Koran scriptures on the wall. There are horizontal inscribed boards given by emperors.

The main buildings in Huanshi Mosque are Liturgy Hall (the largest building), Bi Kiosk, Bathing Rooms, Xunyue Platform, Living Rooms and so on, and the Xunyue Platform had been removed in the old days. The pillars in main hall are made by peacock wood and it can prevent any birds flying into the hall. So there isn't any bird nesting in the hall for hundreds of years. Here, you can learn more about the traditional customs of the Islam.

Take a Beijing Muslim tour to this mosque will be also a good chance to enjoy great architectural art and you will know more about Chinese culture here in your Beijing Muslim tour here in Huanshi Mosque.