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Jiankou Great Wall

Jiankou Great Wall with fogThe section of Jiankou Great Wall is located 73 kilometers north of Beijing. It connects with Mutianyu Great Wall ten kilometers to the east and with Huanghuacheng Great Wall to the west. This section was built in 1368 at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, about six hundred years ago. The Jiankou section of the Great Wall is constructed of large white hill rocks which makes it very noticeable from a distance. The major section of Jiankou Great Wall is built along a mountain ridge with large cliffs on each side, and due to the lack of repairs, now it is one of the most dangerous sections of the entire Great Wall. A hike on Jiankou Great Wall can be quite dangerous and challenging.
There are four must-to-see attractions along the section of Jiankou Great Wall.
"The Eagle Flies Facing Upward": it is actually an enemy observation tower. It is such named due to the fact that the observation tower is built on the highest place of the mountain. So, if an eagle wants to fly to the tower, it has to fly facing upwards before it gets to the top of the tower.
"Ladders in the sky": At this part of the Wall the ladders go actually straight up, and they are so narrow that it is almost impossible to hold a foothold.
"Beijing Knot": the meeting place for three different linking sections of the Great Wall at Jiankou.
"The Nine-Eye Tower": A watchtower with 9 holes resembling 9 eyes.


Jiankou Great Wall Tour

Jiankou Great Wall of Ming Dynasty Great Wall is one of the most famous of the dangerous section, pictures of the Great Wall is the highest rate, photography has always been a hot spot. With the most magnificent scenery, Jiankou Great Wall is really worth visiting during the Beijing travel.