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Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall in spring with flowersLocated in Huairou District about 70 kilometers northwest of Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall was originally built during the Northern Qi Dynasty in the mid-sixth century, and what now remains is the main restoration made during the Ming Dynasty. Connected with Juyongguan Pass in the west and Gubeikou in the east, Mutianyu Great Wall, built along steep ridges and deep valleys, used to serve as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs during the Ming Dynasty.


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History of Mutianyu Great Wall

According to historical records, in 1368, or the first year of Ming Emperor Hongwu's reign, construction of Mutianyu Great Wall began on the foundation of the wall of Northern Qi under the supervision of General Xu Da. In 1404, the second reign year of Emperor Yongle, the Mutianyu Pass was erected and given the present name. And in 1569, the famous patriotic generals Tan Lun and Qi Jiguang rebuilt and restored this part.

Mutianyu Great Wall is mostly in good condition at present. Built along the rising and falling ridges, it is one of the most dangerous parts of the Great Wall. Outside the wall the mountains are steep while within the wall the land is gentle. Built mainly with granite, the wall is 7-8 meters high and the top is 4-5 meters wide. Differing from other parts of the Great Wall, in Mutianyu Great Wall, both the outer and inner parapets are crenellated with merlons, so that shots could be fired at the enemy on both sides, which forming a complete defense work. There is a close cluster of watchtowers in unique shapes and diverse structures. Totally 22 watchtowers have been built at Mutianyu Great Wall with a good viewregular intervals along its 2,000-odd-meter span, indicating its military and strategic importance.

Main Buildings on Mutianyu Great Wall

Built in 1404, the Mutianyu fortress consists of three terraced watchtowers, one bigger in the center and two smaller on both sides. The three watchtowers are connected each inside and compose a rarely seen structure amongst all sections of the Great Wall. A gate was opened into the southern side of the platform to provide entrance to south of Mutianyu Great Wall.

Northwestern part of the Mutianyu Great Wall is its essence, which includes such impregnable natural barriers of the Great Wall as "Arrow Nock". "Eagle Flies Facing Upward". "Bull's Horn Ridge", "Beijing Knot (where three different converging sections of the Great Wall meet)", and "Nine-Eye Tower (a watchtower with nine embrasures like eyes)".

The surrounding natural environment of Mutianyu Great Wall is most attractive. Here the mountains are densely covered by verdant plants and trees. With vegetation, green pines and cypresses covering 90 percent of the area, the scenery here are beautiful all the year round. The dragon, like Great Wall winding in this green ocean, offers a spectacular scene.

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Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

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