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The old Nanluoguxiang in winterLocated north east of Beihai Lake and north of the Forbidden City in Dongcheng District, Beijing, Nanluoguxiang is one of the famous cultural streets in the capital. It is one of the most famous Hutong area in Beijing where has its unique old architecture. It is the ideal hang out destination where people can enjoy perfect blend of past and present.

Introduction about Nanluoguxiang
The street was built in the Yuan Dynasty and during the Qing Dynasty in 1750 it received its current name, Nanluoguxiang. The hutong with a total length of 800 meters runs from Guluo East Street to Di'anmen East Street. Since 1990, Nanluoguxiang has been one of Beijing's 25 cultural and historical protection areas. It is one of the capital's oldest hutong areas with a total history of more than 700 years.

The Charm of Nanluoguxiang
Nanluoguxiang is popular for its hutong and courtyards (siheyuan) but it is also now famed for the cafes and bars and clothing and handicraft shops that line its hutong laneways. Unlike the street of Houhai Bar Street, bars and cafes at Nanluoguxiang are quieter, providing less-expensive food and drink. Most of them are decorated with Chinese old style that support well its surroundings, make comfortable and lively cultural street. Walking through Nanluoguxiang, you will realize that it is a perfect place to observe the lifestyle and culture of the young Beijingers.

Nanluoguxiang is also an ideal place to eat with plenty of different establishments offering western food such as pizza and coffee to Chinese cuisine. Not only cuisines and snacks, visitors also could find lots of cool T-shirts, creatively designed T-shirts with its unique humorous designs here.

How to Get There
By Subway:
Walk west or short taxi ride from either Beixinqiao (Exit D) or Zhangzizhonglu Subway Stations (Exit A) on Line 5. Then walk westwards for about 15 minutes to the destination. From the subway station, it is very easy to reach. If you do not have any idea, you can ask the people around, they should know how to get there.
By Bus:
Take Bus 701 and get off at Dianmen Dong Station.
Take Bus 13, 118, 612, 823 and get off at Luogu Xiang
Take Bus 108, 201 and get off at Bingmasi
Take Bus 104, 107, 113, 204 and get off at Jiao Dao Kou

Nanluoguxiang Tour
Since Nanluoguxiang located in the center of the downtown near from Forbidden City then tourist will have a convenient access to visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City after Nanluoguxiang Tour.