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Shichahai Lake

Shichahai lake with willow in summerShichahai, long been regarded as the most beautiful place in old Beijing, attracts a lot of tourists from both home and abroad each year due to its deep cultural and historic connotation and picturesque landscape. Comprising Qianhai(Front Lake), Howhai(Rear lake), Xihai(West lake)and the around area, Shichahai covers a total area about 1,467,000 square meters.


Beautiful Shichahai

Shichahai has already been included in the city proper of the Great Yuan capital. It boasts of 40 plus cultural and historic relics under protection. More than 30 prince palaces and monasteries were erected through the ages, of which over 10 were best-preserved. The folk customs resources are very rich in this area. The street layout of Shichahai may date back to the Yuan Dynasty. Many buildings in the area have a long history and maintain the typical characteristics of traditional Beijing buildings. A lot of typical Hutong (narrow alleyways) and courtyards, bars around Shichahai lakewhich are still in use, created the traditional unsophisticated neighborhood atmosphere of ancient Beijing city.

The natural scenery of Shichabai is very eye-catching. Actually, it is such a strange place that people may find the beauty through their own eyes. In the spring, the weeping willows along the lake bank sway gently in the breeze as if to welcome the tourist from far away, while in the summer, the lotus and golden lilies in the pond are in full bloom, filling the air with the sweet fragrance. In the autumn, all the tree leaves turn yellow and in the cold winter, the place becomes a paradise for those skating lovers. Besides, the fashionable bar street along the riverside unfolds another face of the place, showing its determination to catch up with the pace of the modem world.


Shichahai Tour

Owing to the beautiful natural landscape and the deeply rooted in history and culture, Shichahai has become one of the key attractions in Beijing. And tourists will enjoy the time during Shichahai Tour.