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Temple of the God of Taishan Mountain

the red gate of DongyuemiaoThe Dongyuemiao (Temple of the God of Taishan Mountain) stands at Shenlu Street in the Chaoyang District. It was built during the Yuan Dynasty as a place of worship for the Supreme Celestial Emperor of Taishan Mountain, one of the five sacred mountains of China, and was the first major temple in northern China belonging to the Zhengyi Sect of Taoism founded by Master Zhang Daoling. After renovation, Dongyuemiao (Temple of the God of Taishan Mountain), in the capacity of Beijing Folk Custom Museum, opened to the public in 1999. Since then, the Spring Festival Cultural Fair was held yearly in the temple.


The Dongyuemiao was expanded and rebuilt several times during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The buildings standing today date from the Qing Dynasty, though they feature the architectural styles of the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. In the center of the Daizongbaodian(Hall of the Taishan Mountain)are statues of the God of Taishan Mountain and his high, ranking attendants. The two corridors in front of the hall house a total of 72 statues of deities, or "Chiefs of Departments", each representing some form of human activity or natural force.

The Dongyuemiao has been noted for "The Three Manys", that is "Many Statues of Gods, Many Couplets and Many Stone Tablets". According to historical records before 1 936 there were more than 1, 300 life-sized statues of various folk beliefs in Dongyuemiao (Temple of the God of Taishan Mountain). There are more than 1 00 stone tablets dating from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties in the temple compound, sewing as important materials for further study into folk beliefs and social structure. 


Dongyuemiao Tour

Since Dongyuemiao is near to Ritan Park, after having Dongyuemiao Tour, tourists could also pay a visit to another famous attraction in Beijing to enjoy the beautiful scenery.