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Temple of the Ordination Altar

Embracing-Pagoda pine in JietaisiJietaisi (Temple of the Ordination Altar) with beautiful scenery is situated on the south slopes of Ma'anshan (Saddle Mountain), Mentougou District, west suburbs of Beijing City. Enjoying a time-honored history, the complex was first built during the reign of Sui Emperor Kaihuang (581-600), and known as the Huijusi (Wisdom Accumulation Temple). In the Liao Dynasty, a monk named Fajun had an altar built here for the ordination of novices into the Buddhist priesthood. It was renovated and bestowed the name Wanshouchansi (Longevity Temple) by the Ming Emperor Yingzong. However, the temple is commonly known as Jietaisi (Temple of the Ordination Altar).


Jietaisi, facing east, is built on the mountain slope. The principal halls are built along two west-east axis lines. Positioning on the south axis are such main buildings as DaxIongbaodian (Mahavira Hall), ruins of Qianfoge(Thousand-Buddha Tower) and Guanyindian (Hall of Avalokitesvara). These magnificent buildings were built accordingpagoda in Jietaisi to the terrain and elevated gradually.

The architectural complex of Jietandian (Hall of the Ordination Altar) in Jietaisi is situated in the back of the north axis. All structures are built on the high platforms. The Jietandian is the principal building of this temple with unique shape, which looks solemn and respectful and demonstrates the Tibetan Buddhist Characteristics. Standing in the center of the hall is a square white marble altar. The three-tier altar is 3.5 meters in high. There are totally 113 niches on the four sides of the altar, each containing a clay sculpture of the god of discipline. Sitting on the altar is statue of Sakyamuni. This altar is the biggest among the "Three Grand Ordination Altars in China". So it has a reputation of "Number One Altar under Heaven".

Jietaisi is also famous for its pine trees. The most famous ten pine trees include the Reclining-Dragon Pine, Unrestrained Pine, Nine-Dragon Pine, Embracing-Pagoda Pine and others. In addition, there are many rare flowers and grasses in the temple. The existed ancient clove, ancient weigela florida and peony all have a history Of from 150 years to more than 200 years.


Jietaisi Tour

With the beautiful scenery, enjoying a time-honored history, Jietaisi is the place really worth visiting during your Beijing tour. And during the tour, travelers could know more about the history of this old temple.