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Tianning Temple

the multi-eave pagoda in Temple of Heavenly PeaceThe Tianningsi (Temple of Heavenly Peace) is located at Guang'anmenwai Street in Xuanwu District. In the time of Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty (late 5th century), a Buddhist temple named Guanglinsi (Forest of Lights Temple) stood on this spot. Later it was renamed Hongyesi (Temple of Enhanced Karma), Tianwangsi (Temple of Heavenly Kings) and Dawan'anchansi (Temple of Great Eternal Peace) successively on several occasions after destruction and renovation. Tianning Temple got its present name in the Ming Dynasty when Emperor Xuande ruled.

Tianning Temple

Tianning Temple covered a large area in the past, but today only the courtyard in the center still exists. The temple is famous for its multi-eave pagoda, which was built in the Liao Dynasty for enshrining the relics of the Buddha. With a history of 900 years, Tianning Temple is one of the oldest extant pagodas in Beijing.

The octagonal 1 3-storied pagoda in Tianning Temple, 57.8 meters tall, rests on a large square platform. Doors and windows are carved on the body of the pagoda, together with vivid and exquisite relief patterns of clouds, dragons and Buddhist images. An outstanding representative of multi-eave pagodas in China, the pagoda has closely arranged eaves and bracket sets, which makes its body hardly be seen. Bells hanging from each story tinkle pleasantly in the wind. The uppermost level is surmounted by a pearl-shaped symbol, which represents the Buddhist faith. Liang Sicheng, a renowned Chinese architect, once praised it as having musical rhythm and being a masterpiece of ancient architecture.


Tianning Temple Tour

During the Tianning Temple Tour, tourists could not only learn more about the old history of the temple but also enjoy the incomparable ancient architecture. So Tianning Temple has become more and more popular these years.