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Yanhuang Art Museum

Overview about Yanhuang Art Museum
Yanhuang Art Museum is located in Beijing Andingmenwai Huizhong Road, adjacent to the Asian Games Village. This is an art museum which was completed built in 1991, occupies a total area of 3.75 acres.

Yan Huang Art Museum comprises a central lobby, exhibition halls, a multi-function hall, and a painting warehouse. The museum buildings reflect the architectural styles of the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. With four stories in all (one is underground), it exhibits contemporary Chinese painting of the present age as the main collection. And other collections such as ancient Chinese calligraphy and paintings, artifacts, and hundreds of pottery, figurines, folk art are displayed in the museum. The museum's entire third floor focuses on works from the Song Dynasty and the second floor serve the contemporary exhibitions of Chinese art. 

Huang Zhou Art Works
Founded by well known artist Huang Zhou, there are traditional paintings, calligraphy, political cartoons, inks and wood block prints include the works of art he created, as well as cultural relics and masterpieces collected over his lifetime. The artworks displayed on the exhibition includes 80 pieces of paintings and sketches, etc with Huang Zhou's typical characters, which reflects Huang Zhou’s contribution to the renovation of new Chinese traditional painting.

Other Exhibitions at Yanhuang Art Museum
More than the famous works of Huang Zhou, other famous Chinese artists such as Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi and Li Keran, and master artists residing overseas, often exhibit their works here. Apart from national art works, Yan Huang Museum is also an active museum in international art exchanges. Fine arts exhibitions from more than 20 countries have been held at the museum including from Iran, the Republic of Korea, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, and Bulgaria. Yan Huang Art Museum is beginning to bring in contemporary and modern pieces which work well with their tall ceilings and spacious interiors.

How to Get Yanhuang Art Museum
By Bus:
Take Bus 108, 328, 387, 408, 417, or 847, and get off at Yan-Huang Art Gallery.
Address: 9 Hui Zhong Road, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 86-10-6493 5334
Opening Hours: 9:00am -16: 00pm

Yanhuang Art Museum Tour
Visit Yanhuang Art Museum, tourists could get a deep understanding about the ancient paintings of China. Since Yanhuang Art Museum is very near to the Asian Games Village, so after have a Yanhuang Art Museum Tour, tourists could walk around the Asian Games Village then have a short trip to the Olympic Park.