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Zhengyang Gate

the whole view of Zhengyang GateZhengyang Gate is situated on the south-north axis of Beijing, south of the Tian'anmen Square and north of Qianmen Street. During Ming and Qing Dynasty, Zhengyang Gate was the gate only for emperors passing through Forbidden City to Inner City. Now only the city tower and the embrasure watchtower are in existence.

Zhengyang Gate

The city tower of Zhengyang Gate sitting on a brick platform takes up 3,047 ㎡. 1.2-meter-high eave walls are respectively on the north and south. The city tower is trimmed with grey pantiles and green glazed tiles in the double-eave and Xieshan style.

Doors can be found in four directions upstairs and downstairs. The tower is 36.7-meter wide, 16.5-meter deep and 27.3-meter high. The whole building is 42 meters in height, which makes the gate the highest among all the gates in Beijing.

The brick embrasure watchtower of Zhengyang Gate covers 2,147 ㎡. The roof is also trimmed with grey pantiles and glazed tiles in the double-eave and Xieshan style. The tower has four storeys. Seven rooms on the south are 62 meters wide, 12 meters deep and 26 meters high.

The total height of the watchtower with its platform is 38 meters, which makes the watchtower the highest one among its kinds in Beijing. On the first floor, an exhibition named Beijing in history introduces the folk customs of Beijing.


Zhengyang Gate Tour

As the good location, Zhengyang Gate is very near to Tiananmen Square, Qianmen Street and the Forbidden City, so when having Zhengyang Gate Tour, tourists could enjoy the time by visiting the world famous attractions as well as Zhengyang Gate .