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Dadong Restaurant

Dadong Restaurant is a high-ranking place specially for its Peking Duck and founded in year 1985. It is one of the most welcome Beijing Restaurant for the foreign guest enjoy Peking Duck.

the roast duck in Dadong restaurantThe roasted ducks at Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant are all made to order. Expect to wait of about 40 minutes before savoring the bird's glossy deep red skin and smell its mouth-wa-tering fragrance wafting through the air. Not only are they delicious, these ducks are low-fat and healthy-described as"crisp but not oily"with a tasty, Juicy inside, and an outside cooked to perfection. The fermented flour dipping sauce with its unique, refreshing flavor, differs from that served in other roast duck restaurants. A rich, aromatic duck soup compliments the meal.

In addition to roast duck, the restaurant's fare is prepared with the utmost skill. The menu itself is especially impressive, with dish names conveniently listed in Chinese, English, and Japanese, and complete with beautifully detailed photographs of each dish. Each table provides detailed instructions describing how to eat their roasted ducks, and customers can both choose their own ducks from the kitchen, and how they would like to eat their duck. It is worth noting the dipping sauces as they come in three different varieties: you can choose crisp duck skin dipped in a sugar sauce, a sweet soybean sauce with fresh spring onions, cucumbers and radish slices, or a sweet soybean sauce mixed with mashed garlic and optional radish slices.

Specialties: Full-flavored duck, crystal duck tongue, duck tongue pickled in saltwater, duck spring rolls marinated in rice wine, duck feet with mustard sauce, red duck gizzard, pickled duck intestines, New Zealand beefsteak, mango scallops, "Sparrow's Nest Three Treasures", cabbage with chestnuts.

Average cost per person: 110 RMBDa Dong Roast Duck Restaurant logo
Business hours: 11am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes

Address: Tuanjiehu Beikou, Bldg 3, Chaoyang District
By bus: Take lines 705, 703, Yuntong 117, Yuntongll3, 943, exit at Baijiazhuang
Tel: 6582 2892/6582 4003