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Dazhaimen Restaurant

Dazhaimen is a famous Beijing Restaurant which cooking the Imperial Food. The guest could enjoy the imperial food with Peking Opera show here.

the outside view of Dazhaimen RestaurantDazhaimen Restaurant is located within the Lejia Garden, a quaint area formerly part of the royal family's residence during the Qing Dynasty. When diner's first arrive here, they will first enter a long corridor and are greeted by wait staff dressed in Qing Dynasty clothing. This was one of the methods of paying special attention to guests in imperial Beijing-a way of showing respect to arriving patrons.

Dazhaimen Restaurant specializes in imperial cuisine, selectively choosing nutritious ingredients. In preparing a small soup dish, they will only use small hens at least two and a half years old Baifu sea cucumber and Four Treasures Roasted Chicken are Dazhaimen's signature dishes; in the old days, the nobility sampled this exquisite fare in this secluded courtyard. It was enough to make one forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world´╝Ä

Specialties: Baifu sea cucumber, Four Treasures Roasted Chicken, shark's fin in thick sauce, soft-shelled turtle braised with soy sauce, golden imperial chicken, monkey's head mushrooms, Baifu deer sinew.the delicious cuisine in Dazhaimen Restaurant

Average cost per person: 100 RMB
Business hours: 10am-9:30pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 15 Suzhou Jie, Haidian District(Inside Lejiayuan)
By bus: Take Iines 5, 26, Yuntong 114, Yuntong 106, 302, 927, exit at the China Seismology Bureau
Tel/Orders: 6265 8851/6264 4186