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De Hua Ju Snacks

De Hua Ju is a Beijing Restaurant offer traditional Beijing Snacks such as Lib, Haggis soup, fried creak. It is welcome by the local residence in Beijing.

delicious food in De Hua JuWhen you mention Beijing snacks, the first thing people tend to think of is mung bean milk, but highly regarded mung bean milk shops are few and far between. De Hua Ju, near the drum tower(Gu lou)in Beijing, is one of the few that deserves its reputation. Between the drum tower and the bell tower, there is a small square with shops and homes lining both sides. De Hua Ju is located in the middle of the western side. The sign on the storefront is very small, and it is easy to confuse it with the homes nearby. The restaurant itself is also tiny, about 20 square meters or so, and when all seats have been taken it appears a bit crowded. The snacks here are first rate. The mung bean milk is sticky and looks good, with a soothing gray color, and tastes a bit like black sesame seed paste. De Hua Ju also adds their own chili oil and green onion slices mixed with pickled vegetables to create a perfect taste that is both sour and spicy. The quick-fried tripe is suffused with a lovely yellow hue, and when a fresh plate is carried out you will have the chance to experience this tough, chewy treat, which is made even more delicious with a touch of chili oil, fresh parsley and sesame paste.

One characteristic of Beijing snacks is that they are all combined in distinct ways, allowing for each different taste to be enjoyed. Take mung bean milk for example: it must be paired with salty spicy vegetables, and if you eat fried stuffed sausages, it is critical you mix them with garlic sauce. The same is true of quick-fried tripe—unless it's mixed with sesame paste it just will not taste right. Also worth a mention is Dehuaju's buckwheat stuffed sausage. Slightly blackened in color, grab One; dip it in garlic sauce, take a bite, and you will immediately recognise its masterful craftsmanship—crispy outside, juicy inside, with a deliciously sweet long-lasting aftertaste.De Hua Ju snacks store logo

Specialties: mung bean milk, salted vegetables, stuffed sausages, quick-fried tripe, mutton bone stew, fried tofu starch, eggplant with shredded kohlrabi.

Average cost per person: 20 RMB
Business hours: 7am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 55 Gulouwan(Drum Tower)