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Ge Ge Fu Restaurant

the food in Ge Ge Fu restaurantImperial Cuisine is a characteristic food in Beijing, Ge Ge Fu is one Beijing restaurant good at this kind of cuisine. This restaurant was originally a part of the royal prince's mansion, and the entire restaurant follows a Qing Dynasty style with wait staff dressed in authentic Qing Dynasty attire. Inside the luxurious grey-walled courtyard are red posts with hanging imperial lanterns, clear springs, and secluded, refined surroundjngs.

The dishes here are primarily the palace's stewed items. Just one type of "Assorted Stew" can be cooked in a variety of ways; dark-skinned chicken, duck, oxtail, shark's fin, and mushrooms and fungi of every variety can enter the "pot". There are also between ten and twenty medicinal herbs meticulously prepared, making the stew both delicious and nutritious. Ge Ge Fu uses meat or vegetable broth, giving it a pure, fresh taste. Each pot is made according to the number of people dining, from 2-3 people, 4-6 people, 7-10 people, and ten or more people. The price increases according to the number of people, but with generous amounts of fresh. Pure, ingredients, you'll  definitely get your money's worth. The restaurant will also provides meat dishes, vegetable dishes or dumplings to complement the many different kinds of stews. If you are have already experienced the shouted greetings of waiters in old Beijing noodle houses, you should see the performance the meat soup in Ge Ge Fu restaurantprovided by the young women at Ge Ge Fu. First, they appear from the palace, enter the courtyard and have a meal and go shopping, enacting several other situations, and allowing guests a peak at life in the palace. There is also singing, dancing and folk acrobatics, providing their customers a unique and interesting treat.

 At Ge Ge Fu there is also another interesting activity: imperial examinations. There is an examination paper at each table, the contents of which consist of food culture trivia. Once completed, the papers will  be graded by special test officials and the results and the names of topscoring guests will be posted. Those who rank as "Number OneScholar". "Second Best", "Third Place", and "Successful Candidate" can win different coupons to use during their next visit. After the meal, customers wilI be distributed a certain amount of copper money corresponding to the amount spent at their table. Customers can use the copper money in the gift shop to purchase souvenirs of their dining experience.

Specialties: Assorted delicacy stew, full duck stew with cordyceps, dark-skinned chicken with Chinese angelica, Three-in-one Stew, ginseng-flavo red duck soup with milk vetch, pigeon stew with Chinese angelica, sausage soup, mixed mush room soup.sea pumpkin in Ge Ge Fu Restaurant

Average cost per person: 300 RMB
Business hours: 11am-2pm, 4:30pm-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 9 Daqudeng Hutong National Art Gallery(Meishuguan Houjie), Dongcheng District
By bus: Takelinesl08, 106, 111, exit at the National Art Gallery/Meishuguan
Tel: 6407 8006