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Hai Wan Ju Restaurant

Hai Wan Ju is a Beijing restaurant good at a Beijing Traditional Food - Noodles with Fried bean sauce. the gate of Hai Wan JuIn the early years, the people of Beijing would eat noodles out of huge bowls, commonly referred to as "sea bowls". This traditional Beijing restaurant was called the "Huge Bowl Restaurant", because its structure resembled the bowls they used in the old days. The reddish brown wooden door beneath the giant "Hai Wan Ju" restaurant sign is covered with intricate patterns depicting a square marble table seating eight and a red wooden bench. It creates a vivid image of the people in old Beijing, gripping a huge bowl of noodles in both hands, chatting away while eating and enjoying their meals to the fullest.

At Hai Wan Ju, you not only get the chance to try many traditional Beijing delicacies, you can also enjoy a sumptuous cultural feast. As you step inside, the first thing you will experience is an enthusiastic greeting. The waitstaff shout out with a Beijing accent that reverberates throughout the whole restaurant, followed by a cheerful response from every corner of the restaurant: "You have arrived!", making visitors feel that they have arrived at the Beijing of long ago. In the main dining area, the walls are lined with calligraphy and paintings depicting the long gone street scenes of old Beijing and the teahouses serving local delicacies. The famous l6-meter long painting Riverside Scene at Qing Ming Festival, lends a simple and unsophisticated feel to the restaurant.
Hai wan Ju's traditional Beijing "Zhajiangmian", or noodles with fried bean sauce, provides the most authentic taste around, using top quality soy paste, partly lean and partly fatty diced meat, and a mouth-watering fried bean sauce. The noodles are handmade from superb wheat flour, and great care is taken when selecting the diced vegetables accompanying the noodles, with eight different varieties including bean noodles in Hai Wan Jusprouts, celery. green soybeans, cucumber shreds, sweet turnips slices Chinese cabbage slices, leeks and garlic. Needless to say, the noodle soup served here is exceedingly fresh. Aside from their masterful zhajiangmian, Haiwanju also serves a variety of other Beijing-style noodles as well as a hearty selection of authentic Beijiing snacks, guaranteeing you will be dazzled as you eat yourself silly!

Specialties: "Zha Jiangmian" noodles with fried bean sauce, triangular stewed dumplings, hardened tofu, sheep intestines, stewed yellow croaker with dried fruit, "Mustard Mound" a delicacy made with Chinese cabbage, stirfried tofu starch, fried sausage.

Average cost per person: 30 RMB
Business hours: 9am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 11 Zengguang Lu, Haidian District
By bus: Take lines 645, 22, 47, exit at Mudanyuan
Tel: 8207 0488


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