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Hong Bin Lou Restaurant

Muslim Cuisine is very welcome in Beijing, and it became a must composition in Beijing Cuisine for the odinary life. Hong Bin Lou is the outstanding Beijing Restaurant which good at Muslim Cuisine.

barbecue mutton chop in Hong Bin Lou RestaurantHong Bin Lou Restaurant was founded in the early 1900's near the end of the Qing Dynasty, and was originally located in the neighboring city of Tianjin. Now lying on the border of Beijing's city limits the restaurant has been flourishing for more than 100 years. It is one of Beijing's time-honored restaurants, and is considered "Beijing's First Muslim Restaurant".

Over the years, Hong Bin Lou has not only preserved its original Tianjin style. It has also incorporated the strengths of a multitude of other halal restaurants in Beijing, adding Beijing roast duck, Mongolian hotpot and other local Beijing dishes to the menu, winning favorable reviews from around the world. Hong Bin Lou is still best known for its "Full Lamb Banquet", the Double Seafood Special, and their three Mu slim "Bubbling Pot" specialties, although its local delicacies such as pot-stickers and beef pies still remain customer favorites.

Specialties: Beijing roast duck, quick-boiled meat, stewed mashed chicken with shark's fin, soy-braised oxtail, soy-braised tendons, sheep's head cooked in a clay pot, stewed lamb hoof, sheep's eye delicacy, "Gazing at the Hillside" (a delicacy made of sheep's nose), "Fan in the Wind" (a delicacy made of sheep's ears), chicken with shark's fin, double-flavored prawns, Bai Beng Boiled Fish delicacy, soft fried fish, sheep's stomach with corlander, double-flavored kebabs.delicious food in Hong Bin Lou Restaurant

Average cost per person: 50-100 RMB
Business hours: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 11 Zhanlanguan Lu, Xicheng District
By bus: Take lines 15, 814, exit at Baiwanzhuang Dongkou
Tel: 6899 2569 / 6899 4560