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Huajiayiyuan Restaurant

Huajiayiyuan is a famous Beijing Restaurant which good at the improment Beijing Food. There are many chain Huajiayiyuan in Beijing, the roast duck here is as famous as Quanjude in the heart of local Beijing residence.

One of the best known storefronts in Guijie, which sits in a traditional quadrangle(in Chinese, Siheyuan), it is a nice courtyard restaurant. It has a high Chinese style decorated archwaycuisine of Huajiayiyuan Restaurant over the gate. By day guests can sit in the little square meanwhile drink a cup of fragrant tea. At night, red lanterns overhang the courtyard offering a sparkling view when the lanterns dance and sway.

Besides, this restaurant is a hit with the locals and foreigners. The Beijing duck is delicious, that is the same with the other traditional Chinese dishes. They even brew their own beers. But it is the traditional decor, subtle lighting and layout that stand out. Special Huajia dishes include Huajia fish head, Huajia roast duck and Huajia chops.