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Hui Feng Old Beijing Hot Pot

delicious hot pot in Hui Feng Old Beijing Hot PotHui Feng Old Beijing Hot Pot is a famous Beijing restaurant cooking traditional Hot Pot. Hot Pot is a welcome Beijing Food by the inbound and outbound guest. Hui Feng Old Beijing Hot Pot was originally a dumpling restaurant. Now it is a restored courtyard house with black bricks, grey tiles, and pictures of old Beijing lining the walls. The eight-person tables and the high chairs with backs are reminiscent of those used during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Even the wait staff are into the act, dressed in authentic old Beijing waiter uniforms, with a small white towel draped overr their shoulders. This all helps to create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere.

They are very particular about the materials chosen for the hot pot here, and use a harmonious mixture of ingredients; clear soup is added to the pot, then mushrooms, shrimp, chopped onions and more. The private rooms here are named after the 9 gates  of ancient Beiiing, like "Dong Zhimen", "Xi Zhimen", "Chaoyangmen", "Zhengyangmen", "Deshengmen", "Fuchengmen". The hot pot has an original, genuine taste,  and the restaurant is both elegant and comfortable, making it almost impossible to find a night when it is not filled to the brim.

Specialties: Seasoned steamed pork with mustard greens, boiled steak, Jing Sha corn, crispy fish.Hui Feng Old Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant logo

Average cost per person: 30 RMB
Business hours: 11am-2pm, 4:30pm-9:30pm
Parking: No
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 199 Xisibei Dajie(Yi), Xlcheng District
By bus: Take lines 232, 447, 626, 726, 409, 38, 13, exit at Xisi
Tel: 6616 1265/6616 5814