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Huntun Hou

the Hun tun in Huntun Hou snsck store

Huntun Hou is a chain Beijing Restaurant cooking a kind of Beijing Snack - wontons. There are various wontons offered there and very easy to find one section within Beijing.

Wontons are one of Beijing's famous local snacks. In Beijing, many time-honored restaurants use the following method to name their shops: Pick the name of a major product or dish and follow it with a common surname. This formula, which may seem rather peculiar, is instantly recognizable in examples such as "Barbecue Meat Li" "Barbecue Meat Yuan", "Millet Gruel Li", "New Year's Cake Zhang","Quick-fried Tripe Feng", etc. "Hunton Hou" or "Wonton Hou" is no exception, with a name that appears cordial and endearing, and contains a sense of enthusiasm for the snacks themselves. In Beijing, there are so many wonton shops that they can't be counted, but only "Huntun Hou" has enjoyed a great reputation around the world spanning decades. There isn't a  wonton enthusiast out there who doesn't know about this old restaurant. 

There is a very exacting process for making wontons at Huntun Hou. The distinguishing features of their wontons are: thin skin, fine stuffing, excellent soup, and tasty seasonings. "Hunton Hou" claims their wontons have "skin as thin as paper", and it is said that if you place the skin on top of a newspaper, you can still see words underneath. Furthermore, the ratio of how much meat filling is used varies according to the number of dishes ordered. Here, wontons are handmade on the spot with an abundance of seasonings including seaweed, coriander, leafy green vegetables, small dried shrimp, egg and more. Making wonton soup is also one of their special skills, with a mellow taste, not too oily, and full of calcium; a healthy, nutritious meal. Several foreign heads of state have come here to sample Huntun Hou's unique, delicious flavors. delicious snack in Huntun Hou snack store

Specialties: Wontons, baked sesame-seed flatcake, stir-fried shrimp, cooked Chinese cabbage and chestnuts, braised pork joint strips.

Average cost per person: 25 RMB
Business hours: 7am-12pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 11 Andongmen Dajie, Wangfuijng, Chaoyang District
By bus: Take lines 1, 4, 37, 52, Subway Line 1, exit at Wangfujng
Tel: 6525 1892/6525 4953


Business hours: 7am-10am
Address: Hepingli, Area 14, Bldg#1, Dongcheng District
By bus: Take lines 104, 13, 62, 116, exit at Hepingli
Tel:6421 1989

Beiwa Lu
Business hours:Open 24 hours
Address: 83 Beiwa Lu,Haidian Districtthe Xiaolong bao in Huntun Hou snacks store
By bus: Take lines 635, 653, 645, 27, exit at Diaoyutai
Tel: 8842 3736

Xidan Shopping Center
Business hours: 9am-9:30pm
Address: B106 Xidan Plaza(underground)
By bus: Take lines 37, 1, 4, 726, 826, exit at Xidan Shopping Center
Tel: 6603 3439

Liangguang Lu
Business hours: 6:30am-10pm
Address: Guangqumen Neidajie, Chongwen District
By bus: Take lines 23, 57, 715, exit at Peixin Jie
Tel: 6714 5521

Business hours: 6am-10pm
Address: 13 Hepingmen Xinhua Jie, Xuanwu District
By bus: Take lines 15, 9, 48, Subway Line 2, exit at Hepingmen
Tel: 8316 0760

Asian Games Villige (Yayuncun)
Business hours: 7am-11pm
Address: Huiyuan Gongyu, YayuncunHuntun Hou Snack store logo
By bus: Take lines 108, 387, Little 35, exit at Beichen Shopping Center/Beichen Gouwu Zhongxin
Tel: 6499 3976

Business hours: 7am-9pm
Address: Longfusi snacks street
Xiaochi Jie, Dongcheng District
By bus: Take lines 104, 108, 101, 110, exit at the National Art Gallery/Meishuguan
Tel: 6406 0632