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Jin Fang Snacks

Jinfang is a famous Beijing Snacks with Muslim cuisine, the product here is various such as Sugar fire, Ai Wo Wo, Matuan, Yipin biscuits, Butter fried cake, etc..

snacks in Jin Fang Snacks restaurantJin Fang Snacks is famous for their incredible "Yuan Xiao" or sweet glutinous rice dumplings, and there are dozens of different fillings to choose from, such as: Chinese hawthorn, green plum, sweet-scented osmanthus, sweetened bean paste, cream, fine coconut mash, assorted flavor dumplings(the most popular choice), and more. Over the years Jin Fang snacks has developed new and interesting flavors to compliment their traditional fare, including milk and malt extract, rose, coconut mash and raisin varieties. The sweet dumplings served here are known as one of "China's Famous Snacks". When boiling dumplings, all the dumplings jostle about, floating on the surface, soft and expanding. After ladling them into a bowl, their skin and stuffing takes on a porridge-like consistency, providing a luscious non—oily taste. Other than "Yuan Xiao", there are also a few delicacies on the menu worth mentioning: sesame-covered fried rice dumplings, almond tea, "Ai Wo Wo" or steamed rice cakes with sweet filling, cream-flied cakes, sweet baked wheat cakes, and assorted baked sesame seed flatcakes and so on.

Specialties: Assorted flavor "Yuan Xiao", assorted baked sesame seed flatcakes, cream-fried cakes, honey-fried dough twists, "Ai Wo Wo" or steamed rice cake sweet filling, sweet baked wheat cakes, meat patty combos.Jin Fang Snacks restaurant logo

Average cost per person: 20 RMB
Business hours: 6am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 34 Chongwenmenwai Daiie, Chongwen District
By bus: Take lines 39, Special 39, 43, 106, 807, exit at Hongqiao
Tel: 6716 9788/6702 5495