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Jin Yang Restaurant

Jin Yang Restaurant at nightShanxi Cuisine is an important composition in Beijing Food, and Jin Yang Restaurant is one of the best restaurant cooking this kind of cuisine. Jin Yang Restaurant is located in the former residence of the famous Qing Dynasty literary figure Ji Xiaolan. It is a building reconstructed from an ancient courtyard, providing secluded and elegant surroundings. The antique look of the courtyard has been preserved, and retains an air of culture and history. While sampling delicious cuisine, guests can fully enjoy memorabilia from this ancient Chinese scholar's life, savoring delicacies while appreciating Chinese culture. Spiced deep-flied duck is Jin Yang's specialty, and enjoys tremendous success—so much so that Jin Yang has applied for a patent for the cooking method. It truly is not to be missed!

Specialties: Roasted shark's fin, Jin Yang assorted stir-fry, Ya Yang Spiced Duck, Taiyuan broiled mutton, flaky onion pancakes, Jin yang hand-cut noodles.

Average cost per person: 70 RMBdelicious cuisine in Jin Yang Restaurant
Business hours: 10:30am-2pm, 5pm-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 241 Zhushikou Xidajie, Xuanwu District
By bus: Take lines 105, 57, exit at Hufangqiao
Tel/Orders: 6303 1669 / 6303 7636


Address: 35 Baiguang Lu, Xuanwu District
Business hours: 10-2pm, 5pm-9pm
Credit cards accepted: Yesthe fish cuisine in Jin Yang Restaurant
By bus: Take lines 40, 741, 19, 856, exit at Zaolin Qianjie
Tel/Orders: 6354 1107

Address: 2 Yuetan Beijie(Jia), Xicheng District
Business hours: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
Credit cards accepted: Yes
By bus: Take lines 21, 37, exit at Shehuilu
Tel/Orders: 6803 5839/6801 9713