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Kao Rou Wan Restaurant

the delicious food in Kao Rou WanKao Rou Wan is a famous Beijing Restaurant which good at Muslim Food. With more than 300 years history, Kao Rou Wan play an important role in currently Beijing Food. Several years ago, there was a popular Beijing saying to the effect that there existed two main barbecue restaurants: "Kou Rou Wan in the South, Kao Rou Ji in the North". Kao Rou Wan was established in l686, and is one of Beijing's most time-honored Muslim barbecue restaurants. Kao Rou Wan exclusively uses young dairy cows, and carefully removes unwanted meat and tendons, providing customers with only the tenderest selections of meat for cooking. With specially prepared pine branches and wood strips for roasting and superb seasonings, the beef and mutton barbecued here is tender and smooth, fat but not greasy, and not too lean, garnering high praise from customers. Kao Rou Wan's barbecued beef is first cut into slices and then marinated in a mixture of onion slices, ginger Jaice, garlic, white sugar, soy sauce, shrimp sauce and numerous other seasonings. While this is happening, the flames burning the fruit tree wood are stoked to perfection. The meat is then placed on the grill, and repeatedly turned with long chopsticks. When it is thoroughly cooked, parsley sprigs and a dash of sesame oil are sprinkled on top, and you are free to eat, and enjoy!

Specialties: Braised meat strips, spicy lamb chops, fried butter fruit cookies, sweet mutton, sesame-flavored duck, salty quick-fried tripe slices.the meat cuisine in Kao Rou Wan

Average cost per person: 80 RMB
Business hours: 10.30am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 58 Nanli Shilu, Xicheng District
By bus: Take lines 15, 19, 42, exit at Lishi Nanlukou
Tel: 6802 8180