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Lao She Teahouse

the outside view of Lao She TeahouseLao She Teahouse is a traditional Beijing Teahouse, the tourists could enjoy opera, folk art, acrobatics, magic, face and other outstanding national art within here with taste of typical Chinese Tea. Lao She Teahouse was established in 1988. It has ancient decor and a 100% Beijing-style atmosphere. It is a place every visitor to Beijing should come and see. Customers can not only sample a wide variety of teas and imperial refreshments; more importantly, they can appreciate traditional Beijing folk arts, drama, and a variety of performances every day. Lao She is easy to find and there is a parking lot in front of the building that can fit over a hundred cars. If you happen to be strolling around Qianmen, it would be a wise idea to stop in.tea in Lao She Teahouse

Theater activities: Every Wednesday-Frjday, 7:50am.-9:20pm. Lao She Teahouse Western Main Hall, 10 RMB (including tea)
Folk instrument performances: Monday-Friday, 7:50am-9:20pm, Lao She Teahouse Eastern Hall, 10 RMB (including tea)
Beijing Opera dress rehearsal special performances: Every Sunday afternoon, 3pm-4:30Pm, Lao She Teahouse Western Main Hall, 10-60 RMB(including tea and snacks)
Folk vocal arts performances: Every Saturday afternoon, 3pm-4:30pm, Lao She Teahouse Western Main Hall
Comprehensive performances: (Beijing opera, folk vocal arts, acrobatics, magic and more): Every Sunday evening(pre-Kong fu show in Lao She Teahouseorders are required two days in advance), 7:40pm-9:20pm, Lao She Teahouse Western Main Hall, tickets range from 40-130 RMB

Business hours: 7:50am-9:20pm(3rd floor teahouse, dinning area, performance area)
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: Qianmen, Xi Dajie, Zhengyang Shichang, Bldg#3, 3rd floor
By bus: Take lines 22, 44, 48, 66, 808, Subway Line 1, exit at Qianmen
Tel: 6303 6830