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Li Jia Cai Restaurant

the inside view of Li Jia Cai restaurant

Li Jia Cai Restaurant is a particularly Beijing Restaurant cooking Imperial Cuisine, the founder there is a royal cooker in Qing Dynasty. This restaurant only cooking for 10 guest everyday, the guest here only eat what the owner's offered without any a la carte.

Yangfang Alley is located in Beijing's Shichahai area. Do not be put off by its tiny appearance, for inside lies world famous Li Jia Cai restaurant, widely known for its flavor and extravagance.

Most of Beiiing's eateries can be conveniently found in lively downtown areas, but it requires a bit of work to get to Li Jia Cai. This restaurant lies deep in the alleys behind Houhai inside a building with a very distinct Beijing style. Tourists are fond of coming here to eat for a number of reasons: they can enjoy traditional Chinese culture, treat themselves to fine food, and enjoy the carefree and relaxed atmosphere of Beijing's old alleys.

In the early years, Li Jia Cai's ancestors were given the great responsibility of preparing meals for the Qing Dynasty imperial palace. In the years that followed, the special culinary skills and griskin cuisine in Li Jia Cai Restaurantcooking methods were passed from father to son, and son to grandson; each dish so wonderful that it feels like your tongue is getting a massage. The vine—covered courtyard, though not very large, has been patronized by such notable figures as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.

Li Jia Cai has a special rule: they don't accept walk-in diners. If you would like to eat here you must first make a phone reservation. Furthermore, you can not order here You are served only what is prepared that day. At first this seems to defy reason, but the chefs at Li Jia Cai have there own rationale China's traditional food culture is longstanding and well-established, with an immensely wide range of tastes and dishes. Many patrons are at a loss as to what to order, and are unaware of how and in what order to eat each traditional meal. Li Jia Cai creates over l0 set meals, and each set contains 18 tO 22 separatedishes. These dishes vary slightly and some selection is allowed within a certain range. Even if your group only has two people, the rules still stand and you will be served around 20 dishes. Prices vary according to the quantity and types of dishes available, ranging from a minimum of 200 RMB a set to over 2,000 RMB.

Specialties: Sesame Tofu, prawns, shark's fin. Beijing lobster, goldern-braised shark's fin, shellfish with pine flavor, prawn assortment, sauted egg custard, assorted stir-fry, cucumber with soy sauce, shrimp eggs with celery hearts´╝îmustard greens, Beijing smoked meat, Fenggan chicken, amber walnuts, lotus with sweetscented osmanthus flavor, rose-flavored dates, fried haw fruit, braised abalone, fresh soft-fried shellfish, fresh fish, roast duck, bird-nest delicacy in clear soup, chicken soup with black mullet eggs, sweet walnut paste and more.the delicious cuisine in Li Jia Cai restaurant

Average cost per person: 300 RMB
Business hours: 6pm-9pm (Not open for lunch)
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 11 Yangfang Hutong, Deshengmennei Dajie, Xicheng District
By bus: Take lines 55, exit at Deshengmen
Tel: 6618 0107