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Long Fu Si Snacks

delicious snack in Long Fu Si Snacks streets

Long Fu Si is a local Beijing Restaurant offer various Beijing Snacks with many years history such as bean soup, fried circle, Madoufu, Lvdagun, Ai Wo Wo, etc..

In Beijing there is a street called Long Fu Si Snack Street located off of Dongsi. It is an assembling ground for old Beijing snacks and delicacies, a place where you can find any and every type of Beijing snack imaginable, with a tremendous variety and very decent prices. In the middle of it all is one of Beijing's oldest and most popular old snack shops: Long Fu Si Snacks.

Long Fu Si Snacks' store front is completely green, and it is constantly packed with patrons, busily coming and going, jostling each other in the crowd as they carry trays loaded with each type of their favorite snacks. The aromas of each of the delicious treats combine together, stirring everyone's olfactory senses. Long Fu Si Snacks filled with pure local delights, and was formed by a collection of stall vendors from the Long Fu Si temple fair. Here, they carry on Beijing's snack creating traditions of carefully selecting ingredients, and of crafting fine snacks. Many people make a run for Long Pu Si Snacks first thing in the morning, ordering a bowl of mung bean milk, alongside classic fried dough rings and fritters, sesame seed flatcakes, savoring each delicious bite. When sutamer rolls around, you call enjoy the refreshing taste of glutinous rice cakes and bean jelly, both served cold. What's more, the stuffed sausage here is very famous, with a burnt outside and a tender inside; if you sprinkle some garlic sauce on it, you will get an even tastier snack treat.
If you want to sample Beijing Snacks and don't make it to Long Fu Si Snacks, you will regret it!

Specialties: Butter-fried cakes, buckwheat pancakes, cool bean jelly, oil-tea camellia, millet flour gruel, pea flour cakes, "Donkey Rolls on the Ground"(A soft layered sweet roll), fried dough rings, honey-fried dough twists, sweet fritters, mashed coconut cakes, bean-flour cakes.food in Long Fu Si Snacks street

Average cost per person: 15 RMB
Business hours: 7am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: No
Address: 1 Longfusi Qianjie, Dongcheng District
By bus: Take lines 108, 101, 104, exit at the National Art Gallery/Meishuguan
Tel: 6406 0670