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Oriole Pavilion

the outside view of Oriole Pavilion

Oriole Pavilion is a famous ancient Beijing Restaurant offer Imperial Cuisine. It is the place for Empress Lan enjoy opera and music in Qing Dynasty and located within Summer Palace.

Located in world-famous Ancient Summer Palace, Oriole Pavilion started business in 1949, and is surrounded by over 3.000 traditional buildings of every variety. With an exceedingly refined and tranquil atmosphere, the Oriole Pavilion restaurant is surrounded by hills and streams, and is itself one of the Summer Palace's 13 most notable buildings. At the restaurant's front, one can see the clear rippling waters of Kunming Lake's water, and to the rear, the celebrated landscape of Longevity Hill, resembling a painting with its tall green bamboo stretching as far as the eye can see. If you so desire, this delightful scenery can also be enjoyed while eating on a boat on Kunming Lake.

Oriole Pavilion was originally built by Qing Dynasty Emperor, Gao Zong, to provide his mother with a venue to enjoy plays. During Qing Dynasty's waning years, it was the favorite place of Empress Dowager Cixi and her loyal officials tothe waitress with the cuisine in Oriole Pavilion watch plays. Because the Oriole's songs were a metaphor for the pleasant-sounding music heard there, it became known as the "Oriole Pavilion".

Dishes in Oriole Pavilion have always been prepared according to the methods used by the Qing Dynasty imperial kitchen, creating the most famous dishes of the "Complete Manchu and Chinese Banquet"; wishing guests health and longevity with the "Feast of a Long Life"; and wishing them satisfaction and fulfillment of wishes with the "Feast of Happiness, Wealth and Longevity". In addition, there are the "Feast of the Land of Eternity" and the"Promi se of Longevity
Feast", as well as the"Whole Fish Banquet", using ingredients gathered entirely from Kunming Lake, the "Quail Banquet" and many more. Here, pastry chefs prepare a variety of traditional Beijing snacks popular among diners.including pea-flour cakes, spring rolls with kidney beans, steamed cornbread, sweetened bean paste rolls and more.

Specialties: Complete Manchu and Chinese Banquet, Imperial Xianyu Fish, Hongniang Zipei Imperial Shrimp&Fish Pastries, Royal Blooming Chrysanlhemum, Full Spring Specialty.

the delicious cuisine in Oriole PavilionAverage cost per person: 180 RMB
Business hours: 11am-3pm (Dinner by reservation only)
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: Inside the Summer Palace
By bus: Take lines 826, 726, exit at Dong Gong
Tel: 6288 1955/6288 1608