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Qu Yuan Restaurant

Qu Yuan Restaurant is a typical place to enjoy Hunan cuisine with emphasizes spicy, also a famous Beijing Restaurant attracts many guest to enjoy dishes here. the delicious cuisine in Qu Yuan RestaurantHunan cuisine is made up of food originating near Hunan's Xiangjiang river valley, and this particular style emphasizes spicy, mouth-numbing, and sour tastes, with a particular fond-ness for hot and sour flavors. Although the number of "top" Hunan restaurants in the capital is increasing day by day, Qu Yuan Restaurant remains Beijing's "Premier Hunan Restaurant".

Qi Baishi, the most prominent traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy master of modern China, Mei Lanfang, leading opera star, and many more celebrated figures have all graced this restaurant with their presence, and some have left behind writing brushes. Beijing's Hunanese residents can frequently be seen dining here with their local friends. When Chairman Man ate at Qu Yuan Restaurant in 1952, he paised the cuisine for having "authentic local flavor". Qu Yuan's food is brightly colored, fresh and tender, with a mixture of hot, and sour flavors that will cause your stomach to rumble in anticipation.

Specialties: Hot and sour tripe shreds, Hunan-style eel, chicken with hot peppers, squid with lychees, steamed sausage, fried bacon, steamed fish head withthe fish cuisine in Qu Yuan Restaurant chopped chilies, Hunan-style fiery shrimp.

Average cost per person: 40 RMB
Business hours: 11am-10pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 48 Zhanlan lu, Xicheng District
By bus: Take lines 102, 103, 732, 15, exit at Zhanlanlu
Tel: 6831 8519