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Still Thoughts Restaurant

delicious vegetarian in Still Thoughts Restaurant

Still Thoughts Restaurant is a Beijing Restaurant which offer various Vegetarian Food, it is a place with full of Buddhist atmosphere, the chef cooker here is from the famous Chinese Buddhist shrine Wutai Moutain.

Still Thoughts Vegetarian Restaurant is located in the vicinity of a Buddhist temple, and the restaurant's interior has a refined and tranquil literary atmosphere. Their famous "Spring River Water" delicacy is considered imperial cuisine, with a fresh layer of tofu and rolled shiitake and straw mushrooms. It is paired with thin pancakes, cucumber slices, sweetened been paste, and eaten in the same fashion as Beijing roast duck. Not surprisingly, it also carries the name "Vegetarian roast duck". "Crisp and delicious" aptly describes its flavor, but you cannot exprience its heavenly flavor unless you try it yourself. The "Golden Dragon Going to the Sea" is a delicacy that cannot be ordered on the spot; you have to preorder it a day in advance because it takes a lot of time to prepare. Based on their appearance, they are stir-fried prawns. But after one taste, you will realize these delicious shrimp are not shrimp at all, but potatoes. The skin on the "shrimp" in this dish is really bean curs skin and the filling is not meat but mashed potatoes. The chefs must knead these "shrimp" by hand one by one. This process alone takes upwards of three hours!

Specialties: "Spring River Water" delicacy, "Jubilation" specialty, "Myriad Creatures" delicacy, Kung Pao "Phoenix snails", "Boy Heralding the break of Day", "Needles in Fragrant Mud ", "Distingguished Assembly" delicacy, "Fishermen's Harvest Song", "Verdant River Bank" specialty, Soy-fried "Emerald Immortals", "Jewel of the East China Sea", "Buddha's Gilded Image" specialty, "Arrival of the Four Joys", "Golden-haired Celestial Fruit", "Unceasing Happiness", "Dawn Lemon" delicacy(No eggs, no alcohol, no pungent flavors)

Average cost per person: 50 RMB
Business hours: 9am-1Opm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 30 Gaoqiaoliang Xiejie(Jia), Xizhimenwai
By bus: Take lines 355, Special 355(355zhi), Yuntong 101(yuntong101), 375, Special 375(375zhi), exit at Xizhimen
Tel: 6225 5792