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Tai Feng Lou Restaurant

Tai Feng Lou is a typical Beijing Restaurant which good at Shandong cuisine.the outside view of Tai Feng Lou Restaurant Tai Feng Lou restaurant opened for business in l874, and has a history spanning over a hundred years. The food here is characterized as "fresh, pure and light". Soup occupies a significant position in traditional Chinese food culture. To make their soups, Tai Feng Lou uses fresh chicken and pork elbows every day. Of the many soup dishes that Feng Tai Lou serves, the most noted are braised black mullet roe soup, hibiscus soup with white fungus, and hot and sour shredded chicken soup. Many Feng Tai Lou customers, after drinking and eating their fill, will order a bowl of hot and sour shredded chicken soup-hot, sour, delicious and also effective in curing a hangover! The seasonal dishes here are very well known, from their almond curd in syrup and crystal pork joint in the summer to the assorted hotpot, Sisheng or "Four Ways of Being Born" fish hotpot and chrysanthemum fish pot in the winter. In addition, there are a variety of tasty treats served throughout the year, like silver wheat-flour rolls, lotus wraps, long, thin "Dragon's Beard" hoodles and much more.

Specialties: Soy-braised sea cucumber, Top-quality swallow's nests, shark's fin cooked in a clay pot, steamed softshelled tulle, braised black mullet roe, five-ingredient fish, braised fish, roasted fish, roasted chicken, wine-steamed duck, glutinous rice dumplings in soup, fermented fish slices, silver wheat-flour rolls, boiled dumpling hotpot.cuisine in Tai Feng Lou

Average cost per person: 40 RMB
Business hours: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
Parking: Yes
Credit cards accepted: Yes
Address: 2 Qianmen Xidajie, Xuanwu District
By bus: Take lines 922, 9, 48, 44, exit at Qianmen
Tel: 6301 0153/6302 3174